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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Date with Judy (1948)

File:A Date With Judy film poster.jpg

Teenagers Carol Pringle, Judy Foster, and Oogie Pringle prepare for a dance - a date with Judy.

Jane Powell as Judy Foster
In Santa Barbara, California, the big high school dance is coming up, and Judy Foster expects her boyfriend, Ogden "Oogie" Pringle, to be her escort, but he declines. Oogie's friend and Judy's sister, Carol Pringle, has hired Xavier Cugat and his band to play at the dance. Rosita Cochellas is secretly giving Melvin Foster, Judy's father, rumba lessons, as his wife has always wanted him to learn (plus, their anniversary is coming up). Since Judy is disappointed about not going to the dance with Oogie, soda shop owner Pop Scully introduces her to his nephew, Stephen I. Andrews, who has been told to take Judy to the dance despite being so much older.  This makes Oogie jealous. Eventually, Carol gets Stephen, which annoys Judy. Later, the two girls are worried that Melvin Foster has been having an affair with Rosita. It turns out to be a misunderstanding.
Overall Review
My Rating: B+
Corn, anyone? Cheese, perhaps? If you want a corny, cheesy movie, you've met your match. A Date With Judy is definetly not the kind of movie I'd watch because I was interested in it. I hate romance films. This movie just happened to be on TCM, and I was amused by how corny it was. It is lined with cliches, and overall cheese. I'm still trying to figure out what the deal with Judy and Carol is...are they friends or not? Overall, I giive it B+ due to the reasons I mentioned in my review. The downside to this movie is the fact you can't really find it on DVD for VHS for a decent price, and it is seldom on TV.
  • Wallace Beery as Melvin R. Foster
  • Jane Powell as Judy Foster
  • Elizabeth Taylor as Carol Pringle
  • Carmen Miranda as Rosita Cochellas
  • Xavier Cugat as Himself
  • Robert Stack as Stephen Andrews
  • Scotty Beckett as Ogden "Oogie" Pringle
  • Selene Royle as Mrs. Foster
  • Leon Ames as Lucien T. Pringle
  • Clinton Sundberg as Jameson
  • George Cleveland as Gramps
  • Lloyd Corrigan as Sam "Pop" Scully
  • Jerry Hunter as Randolph Foster
  • Jean McLaren as Mitzi Hoffman
  • When Rosita is singing "Cooking with Gas", the maraca man is seen standing and sitting between shots.
  • After dinner at the Pringle home, Stephen and Oogie are walking through the house talking about women, and pass the staircase twice on their way to the front door.
  • All of the girls in the dance scene are wearing long dresses, but one of the girls in the background is wearing fuzzy bedroom slippers.


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