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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Last Man on Earth (1963)

Last Man on Earth

Dr. Robert Morgan, who is the last person to survive a virus that has killed everyone and turned them into vampiric zombies, must deal with slaying the undead every day by using a stake. As the movie progresses, several flashbacks are shown.

Vincent Price as Dr. Robert Morgan
It's 1968, and Dr. Robert Morgan does the same thing every day in order to rid the world of zombie/vampire creatures produced by a mass plague. He uses stakes, mirrors, and garlic, and hunts them in the day time since they are sleeping. Luckily, the creatures are not intelligent, and are slow on their feet. A flashback appears from three years ago, when Robert's wife, Virginia, and daughter, Kathy, are infected by the plague, prior to everyone knowing that the virus brought the dead back to life in a disturbing manor. Since the government knew about it while the public did not, they would collect the bodies of the victims and take them to a mass-burning site. Since Robert's daughter was burned in the pit, he buried his wife without telling the government or authorities. His first encounter with a zombie-vampire was when his wife returned home and tried to attack him. He later realizes that he is immune to the infection because he was bitten by a vampire bat in Panama, which gave him a smaller and more diluted form of the virus. Overall, the movie focuses on him slaying the vampires, various flashbacks, and little events that pop up here and there.
Overall Review
My Rating: C+
I must admit - this movie is 'OK'. I enjoy B-movies, and this one qualifies for that title. For the most part, it is entertaining - with exception of the points where it is simply too drawn out. I'd watch it again, but I would chose to watch Night of the Living Dead before this movie. Anyways, this was the movie that inspired the movie I mentioned ^ if you are a Dead fan, you should see this.
  • Vinvent Price as Dr. Robert Morgan
  • Franca Bettoia as Ruth Collins
  • Emma Danieli as Virginia "Virg" Morgan
  • Giacomo Rossi-Stuart as Ben Cortman
  • Umberto Raho as Dr. Mercer
  • Christi Courtland as Kathy Morgan
  • Antonio Corevi as Governor
  • Ettore Ribotta as TV Reporter
  • Rolando De Rossi as Unknown Role
  • Carolyn De Fonseca as Ruth Collins (dubbed voice for Ruth Collins for English version)
  • Giuseppe Mattei as Leader of the Survivors
  • The newspaper headline has an apostrophe typo that says "Is Europes' disease carried on the wind?".
  • In the first scene to feature Bob searching for corpses to burn, he places a man and a woman in the back of his station wagon head first. However, when he arrives at the fire pit, the woman has switched places with the man and they are now feet first in the car.
  • The flashback featuring Bob taking his wife in his car to the graveyard for a secret burial, it is shown that it is night or before sunrise when the shots are inside the car. Exterior shots of the car show that it is daylight.
  • Bob's station wagon turns from a Chevy to a Ford, then back to the Chevey.
  • Bob drops his bag of stakes in the driveway before he loads up the bodies into the car, but goes into the car without picking them back up.
  • Despite the town being empty, when Bob's at the grocery store, a reflection of a car driving by can be seen in the window.
  • When Bob is driving home from the graveyard, it is night, but one of the exterior shots shows that it is day time.
  • In what is so supposed to be an empty town, a man can be seen walking around. This happens at about a minute into the movie.
  • When Bob returns home, he opens his unlocked front door. The vampiric zombies should have been able to enter prior to Bob's arrival.
  • In the deserted city scenes at the beginning, smoke from a chimney can be seen.
  • When Bob chases Ruth, two cars can be seen moving in the background.
  • A shadow can be seen at night.

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