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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ice Spiders (2007)

The government has started creating giant, deadly spiders to potentially use as a natural weapon, but things go terribly wrong.

Ice spider!
Note - I'm just gonna give you the review necessary on this hunk o' trash movie.
Retired Olympic skier "Dash" Dashiell works at a ski resort in Utah. On a secluded part of the same mountain as the resort, Dr. April Sommers is working with the government to create large spiders to use as a natural military weapon. A group of teenage skiers, one of them, Chad, decides to challenge Dash to a race. When Dash reaches the bottom, he meets Dr. Sommers, and they talk for a bit. The teens go inside the resort. When Sommers returns to the lab she's been working at, the bodies of dead scientists are all over the place. Eventually, she finds one survivor, who has been wrapped up in a spider web, and he warns her that the spiders have escaped. When she prepares to leave the lab, a genetically altered and enlarged black widow tries to attack her, which forces her into a locked office. She sets off an alarm, alerting everyone in the area to get to that office. All in all, this movie is mainly "somebody is killed by a spider, a spider gets killed" back and forth. Since it is so repetitive and I honestly don't have time to write all of the plot, here's the full plot.

My Rating: F
Sorry, Ice Spiders, but you've gotten an F for failure. I've watched this movie twice, and not once have I made to the end. Yeah, I like b-movies, but this is at the end of that category, nearing bad movies. The spiders look absolutely horrid, and this is just another typical SyFy Channel original - Government makes a natural weapon. Weapon escapes. Weapon causes terror. People win. Save your time and don't watch this.
  • Patrick Muldoon as Dan "Dash" Dashiell
  • Vanessa A. Williams as Dr. April Sommers
  • Thomas Calabro as Capt. Baker
  • David Millbern as Prof. Marks
  • Noah Bastian as Chad Brown
  • Carleigh King as Brittany
  • Stephen J. Cannell as Frank Stone
  • Matt Whittaker as Steven
  • Clayton Taylor as Quintin
  • Charles Halford as Coach Mike
  • Steve Bilich as Coach Palmer
  • Keirnan Ryan Daley as Rosen
  • Cory McMillan as Perez
  • Connie Young as Mrs. Steward
  • Marc Raymond as Mr. Steward
  • K. Danor Gerald as Ranger Rick Dickerson
  • Angel Fisher as Cleaning Maid Gretchen


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