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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Wasp Woman (1959)

File:The Wasp Woman.jpg
After an experiment gone wrong, a woman transforms into a wasp and wreacs havoc.

Susan Cabot as Janice Starlin, the "Wasp
Janice Starlin is the founder/owner of a large cosmetics company, and her sales have gone down because of her aging (she's not on any of the products...she's just the would anyone buying these products even know what she looked like?). There's this guy named Dr. Eric Zinthrop...he's a doctor who has discovered some enzymes found in royal jelly queen wasps that actually reduce aging (you know, like they do in real life...). He demonstrates it on a guinea pig. The guy isn't only a doctor, but he appears to be a magician, as he has turned a guinea pig into a rat - wow, the special effects of this movie are amazing. Anyways, Starlin decides to give the good doctor a little cash in order to further the research on this brilliant interesting long as she could be his human test subject (who pays to be a test subject? aren't they supposed to pay YOU?). Anyways, the process is slow, and Starlin grows impatient. She breaks into Doc Zinthrop's lab and injects herself with this stuff in really high doses. Eventually, Zinthrop finds out that there are side effects to this drug - but how can a drug like this go wrong? You probably ask yourself. Honestly, it sounded like a good idea to me... Dr. Zinthrop, on his way to warn Janice Starlin, gets into a fatal car accident. Starlin continues to overdose on this serum, and she eventually turns into a murderous, angry queen wasp. She's later killed by a jar of acid being thrown at her face. Let's just hope that when they advertise this stuff on TV that it warns us about the side effects - "May cause aggitation, growth of antennae, and transformation into a wasp".
Overall Review
My Rating: B+
This may come as a shocker after reading that plot review, but this is one of my favorite b-movies (or should it be a wasp-movie?). This movie has so many mistakes that the right parts seem like the bloopers. They mess up at 0:00...who does that? The Wasp Woman. The title scene plays...and what's in the background? Bees! You have a movie called The Wasp Woman and you put BEES in the background!? If I were the director I would've fired that editor. Now for the next glitch. The opening scene. Our buddy Dr. Zinthrop is at a bee farm! A BEE FARM! Then, in the lab, he puts his quakery serum into a guinea pig and it turns out as a rat. Not only did it get younger, it changed species. Anyways, despite all this, you should see this movie. Yes, folks, I said it. See this movie.
  • Susan Cabot as Janice Starlin
  • Anthony Eisley as Bill Lane
  • Barboura Morris as Mary Dennison
  • William Roerick as Arthur Cooper
  • Michael Mark as Eric Zinthrop
  • Frank Gerstle as Les Hellman
  • Bruno VeSota as Night Watchman
  • Roy Gordon as Paul Thompson
  • Carolyn Hughes as Jean Carson
  • Lynn Cartwright as Maureen Reardon
  • Frank Wolff as Man
  • Lani Mars as Secretary
  • Phillip Barry as Man
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