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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

A has-been vaudeville talent, "Baby" Jane Hudson, now in her late fifties, lives with her older sister, Blanche, who is now confined to a wheel chair ever since a car crash. Jane abuses Blanche over and over again, each time taking more durastic measures to do so.

In 1917, Baby Jane Hudson, a vaudeville child star, performs for her large crowds. Since she has been the center of attention in the family, she is a spoiled brat, while her sister, Blanche, watches jealously from the side wings of the stage. However, in 1935, the roles have been switched, as Blanche is now a succesful movie actree while Jane's movies had failed. She starts drinking after most all her movies are flops. One night, after a movie party, one of them is going to unlock the gate to the mansion, while the other one steps on the gas and smashes into the gate. Now, in 1960s (modern for when this was made), haggared Jane and crippled Blanche share their old house. I won't continue with the plot because this movie is filled with twists and turns throughout.
Overall Review
My Rating: A+
I love this movie. There is no other way to put it. Bette Davis did her part so perfectly I laugh at how evil her character is. This is definetly a favorite of mine, and it's even better in October for Halloween. Citizens, I require you to see this film. Now march!
  • Joan Crawford as Blanche Hudson
  • Gina Gillespie as Young Blanch Hudson
  • Bette Davis as Jane Hudson
  • Julie Allred as Young Jane Hudson
  • Debbie Burton as Young Jane Hudson's Singing Voice
  • Victor Buono as Edwin Flagg
  • Maidie Norman as Elvira Stitt
  • Anna Lee as Mrs. Bates
  • B. D. Merrill as Liza Bates
  • Marjorie Bennett as Dehlia Flagg
  • Dave Willock as Ray Hudson


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