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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Horrors of Spider Island (1960)

A talent agent invites several girls to come to a club with him in Singapore. However, their plane crashes in the ocean, and they make their way to an island where they find giant spider webs.


There's this guy named Gary who manages a nightclub. He decides to fly a group of women from New York City to Singapore so they can perform there. During the flight, the plane catches in fire, splits in half, then crashes into the Pacific Ocrean. For whatever terrible reason, only the plane staff died, and Gary's group was untouched. The group suffers from dehydration while on a life raft, but they eventually find a small island where they spend the night. This seemingly invinsible group discovers fresh water the next day, and decide to explore. They find a cabin, but inside it is a giant spider web. Inside the cabin is a journal written by this professor dude mining for Uranium, but he feared that something bad was going to happen to him. While there was no indication of how long the professor was going to be on the island, the women had enough food to last them some time around a month. Gary sets out alone onto the island, where he is bitten by a giant spider and turned into a half-man, half-spider. He flees, which leaves the women to wonder what happened to him. The next day, Gary has uncontrollable rages of violence, and he kills one of the girls. The remaining women are still unaware of what has happened to Gary, and don't know who killed the woman. A month has passed and it's just like these brilliant women predicted - they were running low on food. Like the endings of I Shouldn't Be Alive, this is when they spot a ship on the horrizon. However, they're unable to spot it down before it leaves. Luckily, two men come by in a rowboat with supplies for the professor. They find the women, and the ladies tell the guys that the professor is, erm, a rotten person, quite literally. While wait for the ship to the return, they party it up on their last night on the island. One of the guys walks off to be with one of the ladies, but Gary kills them both. The other women are finally aware of what has happened to Gary, and the rest of the group hunts him down until he flees into quicksand, where he dies.

Overall Review
My Rating: C+
This movie is The Wasp Woman meets Madagascar meets...I don't know. Being that it is originally German, it is dubbed...but it wasn't done very well. Maybe this way made by drunk Germans during Oktoberfest...that's about the only logical explanation for why this movie was created that I can think of
  • Alexander D'Arcy as Gary
  • Rainer Brandt as Bobby
  • Walter Faber as Mike Blackwood
  • Helga Franck as Georgia
  • Harald Maresch as Joe
  • Helga Neuner as Ann
  • Dorothee Parker as Gladys
  • Gerry Sammer as May
  • Eva Schauland as Nelly
  • Helma Vandenberg as Kate
  • Barbara Valentin as Babs
  • Elfie Wagner as Linda
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